About Us

ENGAGE promotes:

  • A Transformational Inclusive Volunteering Experience that fosters the personal and professional development of its beneficiaries.
  • A paradigm shift to build a foundation for better opportunities for youth living with disabilities.

We take a three step approach to creating change:
  1. At the local community level we aim to engage large numbers of Nepali citizens in volunteering to support and work with youth living with disabilities through sport, leadership and learning.
  2. We proactively involve the beneficiaries to become themselves volunteers by coaching mixed teams of children, creating relationships among children with disabilities and without.
  3. At the national level we aim to engage a small number of champions to create high impact change

  4. These three approaches, from the ground up, will contribute to influence policy change for a more inclusive society through advocacy and campaigning.

    Our beneficiaries have a real opportunity to move ahead in a clear pathway:
    As part of the overall ENGAGE experience, all players and volunteers are involved in small campaigning and advocacy/awareness making work that complement their personal and professional development set in motion through a totally owned and controlled goals setting and implementation process partially based on the theory of personalized social support.

    ENGAGE Facilitators called ENGAGE Talents Coaches will voluntarily facilitate the process mobilizing tutors for the needs related to education and mentors to support the players from a business/professional background.