We are a group of young citizens who profoundly believe in the role of volunteerism and service can have in improving our society, making it a better place to live and work. We believe that each member of the society, regardless of the economic status, age, ethnicity or creed can do something; small or big but the most important thing is to have determination, passion and consistency in pursuing the volunteering based society.

About the Co-founders:

Kalpana Gurung
Kalpana was born in a small village in Mahottari District of Tarai, Nepal. She moved to Kathmandu with her family during her teen-hood. She studied bachelor of commerce and she is about to finalize her master thesis on Finance. Kalpana has previously worked for several social organizations.
Very practical, focused and hands on, Kalpana took the leadership in setting up ENGAGE and she has been involved since the beginning in small but significant attempts of breaking bits of sufferance and vulnerability around the valley. And this is just the beginning.

Kalpana holds a Master in Business Studies.

Kalpana is currently the Chairperson and Co-Founder of ENGAGE.

Simone Galimberti
Simone is a proud European from Italy. He has been living and working in Nepal since 2007 where he worked for five years in the local office of CCS Italia, an international not for profit organization active in the education and school health sector.

While working for CCS Italia, Simone took up several volunteering responsibilities within Association of International NGOs, AIN, particularly coordinator of Education working group and Capacity Building working Group. Simone has also been coordinator of National Network on School Health and Nutrition.

With CCS Italia, Simone has also organized two editions of the Course on Volunteerism and Social Work, a joint initiative with Nepal School of Social Work. Before coming to Nepal, Simone spent some 4 beautiful years in Angola, Africa working in a grassroots child based association, lots of challenges but also lots of fun with the gizomba dance.

Simone loves travelling and reading about politics and international relations and likes writing although in a very amateur way. Simone has a degree on Political Science with specialization in sociology. Simone and Kalpana married in 2008.

The Founder Members played an instrumental role in supporting Kalpana in setting up ENGAGE. Since being approached, they were ready to land their help and strongly believed on the idea, objectives and goals of ENGAGE. Their enthusiasm was instrumental to make the idea take over and become a reality. All Founder Members have been actively involved in this initial phase of the organization. In particular Sabitra (Sabrina) and Tulasa played a very strong role at the very beginning: without them, simply there would not be ENGAGE.

Bunch of thanks to all them!