ENGAGE’s Pyramid of Change

3rd Level of Change (Leadership): The best of players/service users turned ENGAGE Corps will be invited to become ENGAGE Fellows. The program aims to nurture the most talented, high potential future leaders among youth living with disabilities or able bodied youth with innovative ideas in the field of disabilities link to What we do> ENGAGE Fellows

2nd level of Change (Empowerment): Selected beneficiaries are invited to become ENGAGE Corps. By becoming role models, volunteerism offers them a first experience of empowerment in sector of Sport, Leadership and Learning (link to What we do> ENGAGE Corps)

1st level of Change (Networking/playing/learning): The beneficiaries, youth with disabilities start their journey by being supported or helped in the sector of Sport, Leadership and Learning

Crosscutting Approach: at all levels, advocacy/campaigning is promoted and carried out with the support of ENGAGE Team. The nature of this work can vary depending on ideas developed by players/service users, Corps. ENGAGE facilitates the planning sessions and incorporate all the activities in an integrated Out Reach and Campaigning Plan.