How did we start?

It was a winter Sunday evening, we were walking in Lazimpat and we saw one old lady sitting down on the road very close to the wall of Standard Chartered Bank. She was looking frightened and lost. She was not speaking. We wondered what we could do. We called the guards inside the bank and then we decided to call the police.

We tried to speak to the old lady but there was no way for her to communicate. A police pick up van came afterwards and after few minutes, it was decided that the only option available was to bring her to Bir Hospital, the most accessible among public hospital in Kathmandu.

Initially the old lady did not want to go, she was scared, then, somehow, she understood that police was trying to help. She left with them towards Bir Hospital. Now after more than 3 years we have no ideas what happened to her. We could have inquired the following day; we could have followed the police car. We didnít. For this reason we have decided to create ENGAGE, a platform to break down the walls of indifference. So next time something similar happens, we will know what to do.

Simo & Kalps