Our Model

Do you recognize this guy? If not, he is Lionel Messi, probably the best football player around, training at young age. He started playing for FC Barcelona when he was a young boy and he was nourished and supported to become what he is now.

The Club has been investing in him and many other promising children, opening up academies, clubs, offering an easy, for fun opportunity to play, and enjoy. Most importantly FC Barcelona offered him a platform to learn how to become a champion.

ENGAGE Corps wants to build on what FC Barcelona provided, investing in simple, basic for fun volunteering experiences targeting youth without disabilities but most importantly youths living with disabilities.
ENGAGE Corps is our "grassroots" movement where we build relationship and start "capsize" the concept that persons living with disabilities are always at the receiving hands. The best players will become ENGAGE Corps Coaches and the best ENGAGE Corps Coaches will become ENGAGE Fellows. Check out our Pyramid of change Click Here