Bikram Rajkarnikar, Sport Coordinator, ENGAGE Empowerment League
Bikram is one of the most amazing ENGAGE Sport Coaches ever had and he took the lead in the organization of the Turkish Airlines ENGAGE Empowerment League. Bikram loves playing videogames and he is a great basketball player. Bikram completed his bachelor degree in biology from T.U., Kathmandu

Kalpana Gurung, Founder and Chair
Kalpana was born in a small village in Mahottari District of Tarai, Nepal. She moved to Kathmandu with her family during her teen-hood. Kalpana has previously worked for several social organizations. Very practical, focused and hands on, Kalpana took the leadership in setting up ENGAGE. Kalpana holds a Master in Finance.

Utkrist Thapa, ENGAGE Empowerment League Ideator
Utkist is one of our veterans ENGAGE Sport Coaches and he is the one who come up with the amazing idea of setting up the ENGAGE Empowerment League that he leads with Bikram. Utkist is studying ITC at bachelor level in Kathmandu and completed his BBA.

Raj Kumar Maharjan, Head of Technical Coaching, Part time
Raj Kumar is the senior most wheelchair basketball coach in Nepal. He is the Head of technical coaching at ENGAGE, supervising the quality of our ENGAGE Sport Coaches.

Michael Rosenkrantz, Senior Advisor, Pro Bono
Michael has been living in India and Nepal for more than 6 years first at National Trust in India where he extensively worked on disabilities issues. In Nepal Michael first volunteered with VSO as an Organizational Development Expert and then moved on to manage a local community hospital in the south of the country. He spent also one year as Country Manager for World Jewish Relief where he worked to create livelihoods opportunities for communities affected by the quakes. He recently moved back to USA where he is the deputy coach of the women wheelchair basketball Team at University of Arizona, Tucson where he also works in the farmer market sector. Mike, a Lakers’ diehard fan, coached the wheelchair basketball team of the Army and played a very important role in setting up ENGAGE Sport Coaches.

Simone Galimberti, Co-Founder (Pro Bono)
Simone or Simo as he is better known, worked for several years in Angola before coming to Nepal in 2007 to work for a not for profit. At the end of 2012 he started getting involved full time for ENGAGE. Simo is the founder and editor of a sharing platform. Always curious and updated for politics and international relations and social issues, Simo is a graduate in political science and he is a diehard fan of Toronto Raptors, Milano Olympia and Juventus.