Making the Society More Inclusive by Empowering Youths living with Disabilities
By participating on sports teams, youths living with disabilities will forge:
  • New relationships while becoming healthy, build sociability skills and shape a stronger character based on team work, respect, equality and humility

By doing volunteering coaching mixed junior teams will develop:
  • Positive attitudes and enhance their capabilities

By leading and advocating at the national level, :
  • People’s behaviors and attitudes are challenged
  • The exclusive decision making process will be shaken
In practice
We contribute to a more inclusive society through what we call our drivers of change: Sport, Leadership and Learning. We engage youth Nepali citizens regardless of their abilities or disabilities in sport, leadership and learning experiences. The usual beneficiaries, youths living with disabilities are motivated and incentivized to become ENGAGE Corps and ENGAGE Fellows.

At the same time we mobilize ENGAGE Facilitators, what we call ENGAGE Talent Coaches that will mobilize according to the needs and goals set by of each player either academic/learning support Tutors and Mentors from business and civil sector to help the players in reaching their personal and professional goals.