An inclusive society for all through volunteering

We dream of communities, neighborhoods "overwhelmed" by a new wave of enthusiasm unleashed by volunteerism where persons living with disabilities together with able bodied citizens are actively engaged in making a better place the little corner of the world in which they live.

ENGAGE believes that volunteerism and service (the latter a broader form of community engagement) are tools for enhancing the social fabric of local communities, making them more inclusive. Persons living with disabilities can harness the power of volunteerism in order to prove that they can also play an active role in the society.


Transforming the lives of young people with disabilities through sport, leadership and learning experiences.

ENGAGE aims at the establishing an inclusive society based on more just, equitable communities all around Nepal. ENGAGE implements, facilitates and supports the creation of meaningful community services experiences with an exclusive focus on disabilities.

ENGAGE strives for a society where youth living with disabilities are motivated, encouraged and empowered by creating coalitions and partnerships to turn their communities into cohesive, just and thriving places.