Building an inclusive society can take generations. We are doing our bit but precious work in that direction. Despite a very laser thin budget we achieved quite a lot. Certainly we still have ahead a very long way in terms of strengthening our organization but we have few things we are proud of.

At November 2014 the following achievements were insured:
  • Number of ENGAGE Corps graduated from the program: 50
  • Number of Service Users benefited: 90
  • Total hours of impact volunteering donated: 2579.5 hrs


Empowering youth
Some of our friends who have benefited of our program and have helped ENGAGE have turned in role models.

Having created an Innovative Model

Probably this is the biggest achievement. We believe that inclusive volunteering can be really a game changer in the way disabilities are treated and experienced in Nepal. By focusing on inclusive volunteering, we tapped into a new model of service.

Learning to listen

It is key to listen to our friends and colleagues living with disabilities but also it is paramount to listen to our Corps members.

Being Able to deliver even without institutional funding

By pure sheer will and determination we managed to pilot and replicate ENGAGE Corps program within the Kathmandu Valley. So far ENGAGE Corps has been implemented in three different projects (Guiding Hands, Coaching4Learning and Coaching4Fun).

Winning Praise

In October 2013 our ENGAGE Corps Guiding Hands project was shortlisted among 9 projects representing Asia Pacific region out of 45 finalists for the 8th UNESCO Youth Forum. A total 1,532 youth-led action-project proposals were submitted.
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Published on Oct 26, 2013

8th UNESCO Youth Forum - Shortlisted youth-led action project submitted by the Nepalese organisation "ENGAGE"
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Winning Training and Retention Models

Managing volunteers is not easy. We know that a volunteer in order to be effective and impactful, s/he needs to be a) trained and properly equipped b) s/he needs to be always happy and motivated. We think we managed to find the magic formula, not something written in the stone but an evolving approach that empowers and motivates our volunteers.

Simple and effective M&E

With the implementation of ENGAGE Corps program, we have a set up an effective though simple monitoring system to track the work of our Corps. Through this we are able to evaluate our work.

Creation of small and dedicated Team

We were able to assemble few very young but determined/passionate young leaders like Kusum and Rupa. In addition we count on an increasing higher number of former Corps members helping ENGAGE in its daily work. Feel free to contact us to know more about our achievements and lesson learned. You can write to us at