February 2011:
ENGAGE is registered as local NGO with Kathmandu District Authorities (registration 746).
October 2012:
Conceptualization of ENGAGE Corps program.
November 2012:
Start of First pilot batch of Guiding Hands, our support for persons living with disabilities (PLWDs). Six ENGAGE Corps joined the program in the First pilot batch.
December 2012:
The First Strategy Framework of ENGAGE is finalized.
February 2013:
Start of second batch of Guiding Hands. 8 Corps take part.
June 2013:
ENGAGE as local co-organizer of 3rd International Conference on Child Friendly Cities held on 27-29 June 2013 at Park Village Resort, Kathmandu, Nepal.
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July 2013:
First Graduation Ceremony for ENGAGE Corps members.
August 2013:
Pilot project ENGAGE Corps Coaching4Leaning, the after school support, starts in Ichangu Narayan VDC.
September 2013:
ENGAGE Corps Coaching4Fun starts supporting 2 wheelchair basketball teams
October 2013:
ENGAGE Guiding Hands project was shortlisted among nine projects representing Asia Pacific region out of 45 finalists for the UNESCO Youth Forum.
November 2013:
ENGAGE Corps Coaching4Fun facilitates the creation of a new wheelchair basketball teams, bringing to 3 the overall teams being supported
January 2014:
3rd Batch of ENGAGE Corps Guiding Hands starts.
March & April 2014:
Strategic review repositions the organization exclusively in the field of disabilities through the inclusive volunteering approach.
June/July 2014:
Review and Assessment of Guiding Hands projects. A round of meetings and discussions with key stakeholders help identify areas of improvement. At the same time two service users' satisfaction surveys are held (one for service users and one for Corps)
August 2014:
ENGAGE Corps Graduation. 37 Corps receive their certificate in a special ceremony.
September 2014:
Selection of 4th batch of ENGAGE Corps Guiding Hands project.