ENGAGE always work in collaboration and partnership with other institutions and organizations. We strongly believe that we cannot achieve systematic change by working only on our own. Therefore ENGAGE always strives to establish cooperative working modalities with peer organizations especially those run and led by persons living with disabilities.

UNICEF/Ministry of Local Development, Government of Nepal

ENGAGE was the local partner of the International Child Friendly Cities Conference held in Kathmandu in June 2013. The event was co-organized with the Ministry of Local Development, UNICEF and School of Social Work and The Child-Friendly Asia-Pacific, a child friendly cities regional network headquartered in Australia.

ENGAGE's involvement and interest in the conference was to ensure an adequate role for volunteerism and service to turn urban areas into more disable friendly and volunteerism focused spaces. Mr. Simone made a presentation on "volunteerism and local governance in part inspired by the Cities of Service Alliance in USA".

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NAB (National Association of the Blind)

NAB has been working with ENGAGE in the Guiding Hands Program since its first pilot batch. NAB has been provided support to ENGAGE in designing and implementing the project including the identification of service users and their selection. NAB's support is still very beneficial to ENGAGE.

NSCISA (National Spinal Cord Injury Sport Association)

NSCISA has been working with ENGAGE in the Coaching4Fun since its beginning. NSCISA has provided valuable support without which the pilot project would not been possible. The partnership with NSCISA was essential to identify players and teams for wheelchair basketball. NSCISA has also been instrumental in supporting ENGAGE for the training and overall capacity building of all Corps involved in Coaching4Fun.

NAWB (National Association for the welfare of the Blind)

NAB has been working with ENGAGE in the Guiding Hands Program in its 4th batch project. NAWB together with other stakeholders and advisors also provides, on continuous basis, valuable insights and advices to ENGAGE on different aspects of ENGAGE's work.

CAB (Cricket Association of the Blinds)

CAB has been helping from strategic point of view the implementation of ENGAGE's projects. CAB offer valuable insights and feedbacks to ENGAGE in the implementation of its work.

Change Fusion Nepal

Change Fusion Nepal through The Open Society Foundations' Youth Action Fund, supported ENGAGE in the implementation of 2nd batch of Guiding Hands Project. Change Fusion continues to offer guidance and advices to ENGAGE.

Besides the cooperation with above organizations, ENGAGE counts on extensive network of Pro Bono Advisors within the disability community and outside of it. ENGAGE relies on them for support and guidance.