There are many ways you can support ENAGAGE. You can contribute volunteering through the ENGAGE Corps or you can have time to help in setting up and strengthening our organization or you can help us financially.

Financial support is of course extremely important in this stage and we welcome either tied and untied donations and anyone interested to make a social investment in ENGAGE is welcome. We are looking forward to get “engaged” with “Angels” or venture philanthropists ready to back up financially or technically the growth of ENGAGE.

One of the ideas we are contemplating is to set up “a basket fund” to be used to pay our limited overheads that are inevitable while setting up an adequate supporting structure.

We do care and strive for positive impact and not simply promoting volunteerism for the sake of volunteerism. Impact is a key for us. When we talk about making a social investment in ENGAGE, we really mean it. Therefore we value anyone willing to advice and support in this endeavor.

If you want to make a donation, we have bank details as below:

Account Name: ENGAGE
Bank Name: NIC ASIA Bank Limited
Address : Pulchowk Branch, Lalitpur, Nepal
Account Number: 3318303233524001

Please e-mail as at or call us at +977-984-12-46-865