Capacity Building

Once selected, all Corps members, either with or without disabilities will go through a rigorous pre-deployment training process and monthly bases lectures with leaders from different fields.

Pre Deployment Package
The pre deployment capacity building consists of one month capacity building totaling 42 hours in which 12 hours are for technical wheelchair basketball coaching workshops. Modules:

  • Personal Accountability - 2 hrs
  • It is about ensuring that all Corps members fully understand the responsibilities entrusted upon them. The module dwells on meanings of concepts like accountability, responsibility and respect and how these principles translate into everyday life. Discussions will also be facilitated based on short videos.
  • Volunteerism and Activism -5 hrs
  • The module explains theoretically but also practically the different meanings and different ways of implementing and experiencing volunteerism and activism also by looking at international experiences. Misconceptions on volunteerism will also discussed together with an overview of different forms and way of doing volunteerism. In the activism section, participants will understand different forms of doing advocacy.
  • Foundation on Disability Rights - 4 hrs
  • Foundations of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities will be discussed with particular focus on concepts like reasonable accommodation, equality and inclusion. Social, economic and political rights of persons living with disabilities will be also discussed. An interaction with disability right activist will be also arranged in order for Corps to gain expert's insights on the issue.

Monthly Lectures
Every month players and Corps alike will attend a lecture carried out by renowned experts from different fields that will offer insights and new knowledge to the participants.

Players with disabilities will receive further training on Leadership, Communication and Project Management of total 60 hours along the experience.