Driver Of Change

ENGAGE believes that inclusive change at local level can happen if particular efforts are given in particular Sport, Leadership and Learning

The nexus between Sport, Leadership and Learning

There is no better way to offer a combined approach that can promote healthy habits, leadership skills and learning at once. This is what ENGAGE is trying to do. Sport can easily bridge the gaps between able bodied persons and persons living with disabilities. Sport does not offer only fresh opportunities for persons with disabilities to stay and remain healthy but it is also a great aggregator for people to come together.

Through sport new relationships can be created helping able bodied persons changing their perspectives on disabilities. At the same time sport alone is not enough. Learning and Leadership building are equally important and can complement any kind of physical activities practices through sport.

At the same time grassroots level advocacy and campaigning is deemed to be strategic in order to help the society at large first to acknowledge the bias and barriers towards persons living with disabilities and second help changing people’s perceptions and overall mindsets towards disability.

Through tailored made support, each beneficiary is motivated to become an active citizen, a local leader by becoming a Corps member, the ENGAGE part time volunteering program. For this reason, they are supported in such a way that includes personal development plans to be facilitated by ENGAGE. Through this personalized plans or pathways ENGAGE wants to motivate players and service users to raise the bar of their “positive” ambition by setting professional and personal goals.

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