Even if ENGAGE Corps is a new concept, we have already 2 batches and 20 members. Here read their stories:

Parbati Rana Magar, 1st batch
Before starting volunteering through Engage Corps, we were given mobility training (I had already taken part to the 2nd edition of the course on volunteerism where I had met Simo the first time) which was very effective and useful at the same time. After the capacity building component was over, I got involved in NAB girl's hostel as an ENGAGE Corps member.

Our new friends now call us whenever they have some programs. It is a very good experience to get involved in different activities, meet new people from visually impaired community, share/listen their stories and so on. Before this, I never got a chance to meet with youth with visual impairment, I never had a close connection with them and also was unable to know their problems and help them. I got a different kind of experience which i have never done. Though it is a bit difficult work to support our beneficiaries, it feels good to be member of ENGAGE Corps.

Parvati Rokaya, 1st batch It has always been very exciting, interesting, curious while assisting them (our beneficiaries) in their tasks and personally. I felt very grateful to myself that at least I can just utilize some of my free time for the benefits of the needy ones, so thanks for giving me this opportunity.

Ganga Kharel, 1st batch
Once I have taken social work and volunteering work 6 months course where Simone himself used to take the volunteering lesson to the student. After the completion of this course Simone and his wife Kalpana planned to start a pilot project regarding volunteering work with the collaboration with NAB (Nepal Association of Blind).

I had joined one introductory meeting organized by Simo with my other friends who were from the same class in previous. From the meeting it was decided that we should give service to the blind as per their need with a minimal commitment of two hours in a week. For this kind of services without general information about blind people we could not help them. So the 2 days mobility training had conducted to the trainees.

We had completed 2 days mobility training from the trainer of NAB. In two days training we learned about the white cane, how they cross the road, how they walk in the road using their white cane, the techniques of catching with other people while walking etc. In fact I was so excited to know about blind and their activity.

As soon as completion of the training we were introduced to the service user/ beneficiaries. Among them Sarita Lamichhane, with whom I was matched up by ENGAGE. Sarita is studying in Master Level in TU, Kritipur. She is living in Girls Hostel named Iswori Kanya Chhatrabas which is situated in Tribhuvan University, Kritipur. Sarita needs a bit of my help in relation to her studying (reading text book, recording them in cassette, help to make notes etc) rather than other work.

So first day I went to the place of Sarita to help for her work. When I reached her room she became very happy and so excited. But still I had a kind of fear inside me whether my help will support or not. There she introduced with her roommate named Manu. I felt her friend was sighted but when I came to know she is also total visual impaired, then I became surprised and shocked. They were doing ever thing inside room as they could see. Inside the room there were everything which for basic needs. The strange thing was she prepared tea for me without any otherís support. It means she herself light on the gas and finds the sugar; tea leafs by herself through her hand only.

I thought how she did struggle to reach in this step. Really this touched my heart and gave thanks towards her family members as well as god. During the stay it also came to know that she has interest of writing sentimental song (Gajal). According to her some of them she already published in the paper. And she is also planning to publish Gajal collection in near future. Even though, ENGAGE

Corps requested us to spend only two hours with beneficiaries unknowingly, it did not know how fast the time is ticking when I am with Sarita and I normally end up spending 4/ 5 hours with her. So that as per the need of her till now I have completed one text book by recording and gave it to her already. Now, I have started another book recording at home.
It takes time to record because if we record fast then it would worthless to record. It should be clear and easily understandable to them. Besides this I have gone to hostel to help to read her book as per need.

I am very much happy working and helping Sarita. I have gained many more lessons from them. May it will help me to go ahead in future. I will keep continue to do this kind of work in coming days too.

Thanks to Simo.