ENGAGE Fellows: An opportunity for leadership

The ENGAGE Corps Fellow is a premium leadership and volunteering experience promoted by ENGAGE. The experience targets selected promising future leaders among persons living with disabilities willing to undertake an intensive 12 month leadership program through the ENGAGE Learning Accelerator program.

After the selection, the Fellows will start designing their project ideas with the possibility of spending time attached to a local organization or carrying specific service activities in the area of their own interest. At the end they will come up with implementing micro project supported by ENGAGE. The best ones will be incubated and backed by ENGAGE. The ENGAGE Learning Accelerator is a unique empowerment and training pathway to support and empower the Fellows in their work.

Open to:
  • Promising youth living with disabilities with powerful ideas to change the society.
  • ENGAGE supported players and ENGAGE Corps living with disabilities.
  • Partnership between youth living with disabilities and abled bodied peers.

For more info about ENGAGE Fellows, please write to info.engagenepal@gmail.com