Open for All:
Youth living with disabilities are especially welcome to apply. They can volunteer and work together with other Corps in a real partnership. If they do not feel yet to volunteer, they can help in other ways and become friends of other ENGAGE Corps. Hopefully they will gain confidence to start thinking to volunteer themselves.

No aging while volunteering:
The Corps is open to all citizens, including persons living with disabilities that are at least 17 years old with no age limitations. In an initial phase, ENGAGE is focusing on youth and progressively it will expand the service experience to larger section of t the society, including senior citizens.

It is a commitment and it is a responsibility:
All the persons interested to join the ENGAGE Corps need to show a certain level of maturity and responsibility before joining. Being able to be emphatic and capable to work with and for others is a key requisite for any ENGAGE members. Working group skills are also a pre-requisite although the probability to work in group depends on the chosen project.

Unpaid Being part of the ENGAGE Corps does not imply any retribution nor any allowance. This is a particular choice made by ENGAGE in order to make volunteering more sustainable and owned by the citizens. Still in order to make the Corps accessible to everybody, on case by case, ENGAGE will pay the reimbursement of the real travel cost occurred in order to volunteer