ENGAGE Corps Coaching4Fun (C4F)

ENGAGE has been implementing two projects, Coaaching4Fun and Guiding Hands. The latter is slowly being merged with the former through a new focus on Sport, Leadership and Learning. The New Coaching4Fun
  • ENGAE helps set up teams of wheelchair basketball ( in future blind crickets)
  • ENGAGE Corps members coach persons living with disabilities as athlete and future leaders
  • Each set team works on small scale advocacy and campaigning interventions
  • A personalized development pathway developed by each player
  • Players serious about their pathways will be supported by ENGAGE Talent Coaches, ETCs that, as volunteer, will back and advise the player in their personal and professional quests
  • On case by case, depending on the needs and goals set by the players, ENGAGE will mobilize either educational tutors or mentors from the job sector
  • Those players seriously undertaking the personalized pathway will be encouraged to become themselves ENGAGE Corps volunteering as coaching for other teams of junior players
  • The best "new" coaches will be invited to join ENGAGE Fellowship program
  • Junior teams are to be made up by children living with disabilities and able bodied children alike.

How it worksm

Youth without physical mobility have less change than their peers to succeed in life. They are not only victims of physical barriers but they face multiple challenges at society level. Sport can be a great connector and great way to empower them. Each ENGAGE Corps member become a wheelchair basketball coach ( in future we hope to start with Blind Cricket), giving her or his time to have fun and at the same time helping wheelchair athletes have fun too, strengthening the playing skills and techniques while building, at the same time, team work attitudes. Very importantly the project is about capacity building of both volunteers and athletes with the overall aim of creating a more inclusive society where people with disabilities can be fully part of it. For this reason, each player is given the possibility to work on a personalized development pathway that will lead her/him to personal and professional achievements. ENGAGE will facilitate and support the entire process on demand basis mobilizing, on case by case, learning support or professional guidance through ENGAGE Tutors and ENGAGE Mentors. At later stages, the players turned into coaches might be invited to join the ENGAGE Fellowship program.

ENGAGE Corps Guiding Hands (GHs)

Guiding Hands has been ENGAGE’s first pilot project and thanks to it, ENGAGE started a wonderful working relationships with the persons living with visual impairment. The project tries to
  • Ensure that youths with visual impairment can inspire and mentor same age sighted peers
  • Support youths living with visual impairment in the quest for leadership and better learning
  • Support for small scale advocacy and campaigning interventions

So far 3 Batches have been completed with the mobilization of 23 Corps and more than 2160 hours of service Each ENGAGE Corp members are paired up with a visually impaired person, offering a commonly agreed set of support in the field of education and learning.
Currently ENGAGE is working on the idea to leverage technologies like scanners and special software to support the learning process of the beneficiaries. A midterm evaluation of the 4th batch will be conducted to determine how to move forward.

Types of support

Three main steams of support are available. Each service user will choose between Reading& Recording or Coaching.
  1. Reading and Recording: this service is mainly targeting service users who are studying at Bachelor and Graduate level. Service users in this case are not in need of any other support by someone able to read and record their text books.
  2. Coaching: this option includes all the features of Reading & Recording plus an active coaching service to support the learning needs of the service users. The service is mainly targeting younger service users enrolled in 11th and 12th class.
  3. Emergency support: All selected service users will have the facility to get a special support for unplanned, unforeseen events where they someone to guide them.