Empowering Club Leaders


ENGAGE is looking for 11 class students to set up ENGAGE All Inclusive Empowering Clubs.



The goals of the Clubs:

Goal 1: Awareness
Clubs will be active in creating awareness on disability related issues, talking about the rights and the living conditions of youths and young adults with disabilities in Nepal. Members will also support local wheelchair basketball teams in organizing micro-campaigns to make communities more inclusive, accessible and disable friendly.

Goal 2: Recruitment of Volunteers
Club members will help ENGAGE searching for ENGAGE Sport Coaches that will be matched with local wheelchair basketball teams.


Goal 3: Identify youths and young adults living with disabilities
Club members will help ENGAGE identify youths and young adults with disabilities that can be interested to join ENGAGE's programs.

Goal 4: Fundraising for the Teams
The ENGAGE clubs will organize some fundraising events or programs to support the local wheelchair basketball teams.




  1. Coordinate with schools and local authorities, NGOs and other clubs to set up a club
  2. Plan and implement local awareness activities also by involving members of the local teams






  1. Attend all the capacity building sessions organized by ENGAGE
  2. Plan and prepare the Club annual work plan
  3. Organize at least fortnightly Club meetings
  4. Write monthly report to ENGAGE

If you like basketball and you want to become an ENGAGE Sport Coaches, please click here